Servicing Your Spine At Return 2 Health Chiropractic Clinic

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Most of us have suffered or will suffer from some form of back pain in our lifetime. Along with sorting out back pain as and when it occurs, chiropractors also try to help and educate people. This involves making them aware of the factors that may contribute and how to counteract, correct and eliminate them so as to try and prevent back pain occurring if at all possible.


Posture and general lifestyle can play a large role in contributing to bouts of back pain. Chiropractors often hear:

“I only bent to pick up a pen” or “I sneezed and my back went.”

Such acute flare-ups of back pain can occur due to poor posture along with general day-to-day bad habits. Our bodies were not built to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, or to drive for long periods or conduct repetitive tasks that a lot of us do in work on a daily basis. Therefore it is imperative for the health of our spines to take regular breaks from the desk and when on car journeys, but most importantly to exercise and strive to keep our bodies healthy.

We have our cars regularly serviced BEFORE they break down, because we know prevention is better than cure. . We do not wait for the car to start leaking oil or make strange engine noises.

So why do we wait for pain before we consult a chiropractor?

The answer is: we do not need to.

As a nation we are brought up to visit the dentist every 6 months on a preventative basis and have a routine eye check, but no one routinely advises us to have our spines checked.

You can replace your teeth with dentures and aid your vision with glasses but we cannot replace our spine. Therefore routine check ups are advised. Such visits are very individual; for an elderly patient with a lot of wear and tear it may be prudent to visit every 3 months to ensure optimum care of the surrounding joints. For children every 6 months to a year would suffice as long as they do not have other complications such as, for example, scoliosis which may require more monitoring.

Your chiropractor can advise you on such maintenance care as every patient is assessed on an individual basis. However, if it suits you and you wish only to contact the chiropractor when you are in pain that would not be a problem. You will be given the best care in order to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.